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Updated Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse

Posted by on 09/15/2014

Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse was the first book I had published. It was released back in 2009, and it was thrilling to have it published by Random House. However, it wasn’t the first book I wrote. The first book I wrote was an early draft of the Ballpark Mysteries book 1–The Fenway Foul-Up. However, Jennifer, my great editor at Random House, felt the mystery story needed work. But she really liked how I wrote the non-fiction section “About Fenway Park” in the back of the first Ballpark Mysteries book, so she asked me if I wanted to write a non-fiction book.

I didn’t have to think too long before replying to that email. “Yes! I’d love to write a non-fiction book,” I emailed.

The rest isn’t history–but it was my first book–Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse, a story of Babe Ruth (who’s a great character–the kids LOVE it when I tell them sometimes he didn’t even change his underwear for a whole week!). The book came out in 2009, with great illustrations and a cover by Tim Jessell:
Babe Ruth and the Basball Curse

However, earlier this year Random House decided to reissue the book with updated material in the back and a new cover. Here’s what the updated book looks like:

Updated version of the Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse by David A. Kelly

Updated version of the Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse by David A. Kelly

I’m thrilled with the update, and love that I now have another chance to share the story of both Babe Ruth and the incredible 2004 Red Sox season.

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