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Author Archives: Mike Walsh

Baseball Mud

While Mr. David A. Kelly has helped me and Kate write the Ballpark Mysteries books, he also does some books on his own, including a really cool picture book called Miracle Mud: The Secret Mud that Changed Baseball. The book tells the story of this mud, that comes from a secret place (in New Jersey!) … Continue reading »

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It’s a Ballpark Mysteries World Series!

Wow! I hope you’ve all been watching this year’s World Series! In case you haven’t noticed, BOTH teams in the series are teams that Kate and I visited! We went to Kansas City first, to see the Kansas City Royals, and later on, we went to San Francisco to the see the Giants. We had … Continue reading »

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Stolen Turtles?

Why would anyone want to steal turtles? Kate and I never thought about stolen turtles until we took a trip to the Miami Marlin’s neat baseball stadium with huge fish tanks. You can read about it in our book The Missing Marlin. But we couldn’t believe it when we read a news story recently about … Continue reading »

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Babe Ruth book

Mr. David A. Kelly just sent me and Kate a copy of the first book he wrote — Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse. He wrote it in 2009, but a new version of it just came out. It’s got neat new facts in the back about the Red Sox and Babe Ruth. See for … Continue reading »

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Video fan mail

Kate and I just received this great video from Luke, one of the Ballpark Mysteries biggest fans. He’s happy to be reading the Ballpark Mysteries and has a suggestion for us on what ballpark we need to go to next…

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Fenway Foul-Up Missing Chapter

Ballpark Mysteries or Red Sox fans will want to check out the latest addition to the Ballpark Mysteries website. It’s a missing chapter from the first Ballpark Mysteries book, The Fenway Foul-Up. In the book, Kate and I had a great time visiting Boston and helping Big D find his missing bat. But even if … Continue reading »

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The Wrigley Riddle Wins the World Series!

Okay, well, maybe our book THE WRIGLEY RIDDLE about  Kate and my visit to the Chicago Cubs didn’t really win the World Series (and neither did the Cubs!), but did name THE WRIGLEY RIDDLE as one of its Best Books of the Year 2013!

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The San Francisco Giants Mystery!

When Kate and I travel to different ballpark, we know that we’ll see a baseball game. But when we went to San Francisco last year, we never thought we’d go kayaking in San Francisco bay! Turns out the bay is right next to the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark! It’s really cool, since home runs get … Continue reading »

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The Chicago Cubs Mystery!

The Chicago Cubs are one of the oldest teams in baseball. They also have one of the old stadiums–Wrigley Field. It’s really famous for the green ivy that covers the outfield wall. That’s why Kate and I were really surprised to discover that someone had been cutting holes in their ivy and possibly running their … Continue reading »

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What Does Outer Space Smell Like?

I’d much rather be playing baseball or watching TV than cleaning up. I mean, why put your clothes away if you’re just going to wear them again? But sometimes, when my room starts to smell, my mom makes me clean it up. I’m guessing she’d want our astronauts to clean up outer space for the … Continue reading »

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