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The Ballpark Mysteries (Random House) are a series of books about all the trips that Kate Hopkins and Mike Walsh take to different ballparks.

2015 Covers

Whenever Mike and Kate go to a new baseball stadium, something funny seems to happen.  Check them out…

#1 – The Fenway Foul-Up
#2 -The Pinstripe Ghost
#3 – The L.A.Dodger
#4 – The Astro Outlaw
#5 – The All-Star Joker
#6 – The Wrigley Riddle
#7 – The San Francisco Splash
#8 – The Missing Marlin
#9 – The Philly Fake
#10 – The Rookie Blue Jay
#11 – The Tiger Troubles
#12 – The Rangers Rustlers

Audiobook Collection #1
Audiobook Collection #2

Why You Should Read The Ballpark Mysteries
“Combining the twists and turns that young readers expect in a good mystery with a story line that builds upon each ballpark’s quirks and nuances is no small task, but The Ballpark Mysteries series pulls it off.  The author has created a pair of characters, in Kate and Mike, that young readers will find engaging and entertaining. More than that, his allegiance to the actual history associated with each team and its park consistently hits the mark.” –Josh Pahigian, author The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip and 101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out

“Young baseball fans will love the Ballpark Mysteries series. David Kelly keeps kids reading with action, mystery, and plenty of baseball.”
–Tim Green, former top NFL defensive player for the Atlanta Falcons and author of the children’s books Rivals and Baseball Great.


33 thoughts on “BPM Books

    • Mike Walsh says:

      I hope so. I’m working on more Ballpark Mysteries right now, and I would love to write about the Braves (especially since they used to be the Boston Braves, where I live now!). Unfortunately, the Braves book won’t be coming out this year or next, though. Thanks for reading and visiting!

  1. Raphael says:

    Dear David A. Kelly,

    I like your baseball books. I would like if you would write a book about the Baltimore Orioles. Thank-you.



    • Mike Walsh says:

      Thanks for writing. I hope to be writing a book about the Cleveland Indians, but I haven’t started it yet. I know they’d be a great team to write about! Thanks for contacting me and keep reading!

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Cohen — Thanks for writing. I love to hear from readers like you. I do hope to write about the Cleveland Indians, but that book is not on the schedule yet. I will have some other Ballpark Mysteries books out next year, though, so keep reading!

      David A. Kelly

  2. Andrew says:

    Dear Mr. Kelly,
    My name is Andrew. I am just about to turn 6 years old. My mom and I started reading your books about 2 months ago, and now I have started reading them on my own. We’re about to start #8, “The Missing Marlin.”
    I really enjoy reading about Kate and Mike and their adventures at all the different ballparks. When does your next book come out?!
    Thank you,

    • David A. Kelly says:

      Thanks for writing! I love to hear from readers. I hope you have a great birthday. It sounds like you’re doing a great job reading the Ballpark Mysteries!

      My next book comes out about six months from now–in February 2016. I know it’s a little ways off, but it’s a fun book about the Texas Rangers.

      If you’d like, please have one of your parents fill out the contact form and send along your postal address–I can try to send you a bookmark!

      Happy birthday!

      David A. Kelly

  3. Brett Walker says:

    Dear Mr. Kelly,
    I am six years old and live in South Carolina. I am named after George Brett and my favorite team, the Kansas City Royals, made the World Series last year. I would love to read a Ballpark Mysteries book about the Royals!
    My mom and dad are going to order me Tiger Troubles since my mom is from Michigan and my Papa is a big Tigers fan!
    Brett Walker

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Brett —

      Thanks for writing. I love to hear from readers like you. What a neat name you have! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy the THE ALL-STAR JOKER, since that’s the Kansas City Royals book. I had a great time researching it and going to Kansas City, it’s a fun place, and I really like the Royals. But I think you’ll enjoy the TIGER TROUBLES book, too.

      Keep reading!

      David A. Kelly

  4. Kyle Kroehler says:

    Dear Mr Kelly, my name is Kyle and I love your books. I would like to know if you will be writing about the New York Mets.

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Kyle–thanks for writing. I love to hear when people like the Ballpark Mysteries. I’m busy working on more books right now, but I haven’t been able to get to the NY Mets yet. Keep reading, though! I hope to get them in a future book. There’s lots of fun stuff about the team and their stadium that would be fun to have in a Ballpark Mystery.

      David A. Kelly

  5. Karson H says:

    Hi Mr. Kelly
    I am in first grade and I love baseball! I have been reading your books and I like them. My dad likes them too! I live in Virginia and I am a big Washington Nats fan! It would be awesome if you can make a Nats book. Washington DC is a cool place to visit!!

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Karson — Thanks for writing! I love to hear from readers like you. I’m definitely working on Washington Nationals book, but it will be a little while before it comes out. There will be another new book in February (the Texas Rangers), so you can read that in the meantime. I was just at a Nationals game about a month ago, and had a great time. It’s such a nice baseball stadium. Keep reading! ~David A. Kelly

  6. Karis says:

    Can we add another strong vote for Busch Stadium?!? Your books combine two of my son loves: baseball and mysteries! Thank you for writing!!!

    • Mike Walsh says:

      I’ve noted the vote for Busch Stadium! It’s definitely on my list, but I’m not sure about the timing. Thanks for the feedback! – David A. Kelly

  7. Dawn, Calvin, and Clark says:

    Hello Mr. Kelly,

    My boys (twin first graders) and I have read all your books. We live in the DC area and love the Nationals. My boys want to know if they write a mystery about Kate and Mike and the Nationals, will you read it? 🙂 Glad to see you enjoyed Nats Park.

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Thanks for writing! I love to hear when kids connect with the books. Please tell Calvin and Clark that I say “hi!” and hope they keep reading! I am definitely working on Washington Nationals book! It will be a little while before it comes out, but it will coming! DC is a great city and the National’s Park is a fun place, so I think the book will be a lot of fun to read.

      David A. Kelly

  8. Andrea Hecht says:

    My son (2nd grader) loves your series! He is up to book number 7. He spent 1 1/2 hours reading yesterday so he could finish book number 6. As a mother and former elementary school teacher, I can’t thank you enough for writing such exciting and high interest books! My son is looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Andrea – Hello, and thanks for writing! I love to hear when kids connect with the books. I’m working on more, and will even have a new series coming out in May that he might enjoy, called the Most Valuable Players (MVP) series. Thanks! David

  9. Sam says:

    Dear Mr. Kelly,

    I love your books! I am a big Angels fan. Can you please write a book about the Angels? I’ve been to their stadium and it’s very cool!


    • Mike Walsh says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I love to hear from readers. I would love to write a book about the Angels, and hopefully I’ll be able to. I was out there a few years ago and took a tour of the stadium. It’s really neat. Thanks for the idea, and keep reading!


    • Mike Walsh says:

      Sam — Thanks for writing and asking! I hope to write about the Angels, but haven’t started it yet. I was able to visit their ballpark a couple of years ago, and it was great! Right now, I’m writing about the Washington Nationals, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to write about the Angels soon. ~ David A. Kelly

  10. Blake Nugent says:

    Could please do one on the Rockies? I love them and I think there’s a lot you could do with the setting – maybe something like a special golden nugget that goes missing?

    • David A. Kelly says:

      Blake – Thanks for writing! That’s a great question. I definitely plan to write a Ballpark Mysteries book on the Rockies, and I agree that there’s a lot of interesting things that could be part of the book, like a golden nugget. Thanks for the question–keep reading! ~David A. Kelly

  11. Nancy Beneteau says:

    HI! I just want to say my 9 year old son LOVES the Ballpark Mysteries. I had given him the first 5 books for Christmas and already had to buy the next five. He on book 8 already. I still have to buy #11-13. I sure hope more come out soon. He’s running out of reading material!

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