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Cool news

The Wrigley Riddle Wins the World Series!

Okay, well, maybe our book THE WRIGLEY RIDDLE about  Kate and my visit to the Chicago Cubs didn’t really win the World Series (and neither did the Cubs!), but did name THE WRIGLEY RIDDLE as one of its Best Books of the Year 2013!

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Ballpark Mysteries Audio Books

My parents are always telling me to read more books. But I just found a better way to read the Ballpark Mysteries: by listening to them! Apparently, there’s a Ballpark Mysteries audiobook collection of books 1 – 5 is coming out June 12th. Now, I won’t have to bother actually flipping the pages and reading … Continue reading »

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The Astro Outlaw

Wow. It’s hard to believe that Kate and I have been on four cool ballpark adventures so far. Last year we shared our trips to Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles with you. But we’ve got something really, really neat. Our fourth book is out today! It’s called THE ASTRO OUTLAW! Last year, when … Continue reading »

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Guess who’s a fan of Ballpark Mysteries? David Ortiz!

Wow! Kate and I went to see the Red Sox play in Ballpark Mysteries book 1, The Fenway Foul-Up. We had a blast. But we had an even bigger blast last week when Mr. Kelly showed us this picture. It turns out that Mr. Kelly knows someone who knows David Ortiz, so he sent along … Continue reading »

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Peter Adam Salomon Interviews David A. Kelly

Wow, now with Ballpark Mysteries book 3 (The L.A. Dodger) out, we’re getting some real press! Here’s a neat interview of Mr. Kelly that Peter Adam Salomon did. Kate and I read it and learned something new about Mr. Kelly. See if you can find out why he was so excited to write the Ballpark … Continue reading »

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Interview with David A. Kelly

Mr. Kelly, the author the Ballpark Mysteries, asked if I could post this link to an interview he did with CONVERSATIONS Magazine. I didn’t read it myself because Kate and I are pretty busy this week looking at all the baseball stores in Coopertown, New York (our hometown). The Hall of Fame induction stuff was … Continue reading »

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Cooperstown, New York

Man, it was a perfect day for the induction ceremony for the Hall of Fame. Kate and I had a great time. We spent a lot of the day selling water to all those really hot tourists that came to town. We also spent a little time with Mr. Kelly, the writer of the Ballpark … Continue reading »

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Ballpark Mysteries on Tour!

Wow, it sure has been hot around here lately. Hard to believe, it was even too hot to play baseball today. So I thought I’d stay inside and catch up on some video games. But my mom had a different idea. She wanted me to catch up on cleaning my room. It looks like Mr. … Continue reading »

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Ballpark Mysteries and Wally, from the Red Sox!

Well, Kate and I haven’t made it to the Red Sox yet, but we’re getting closer. Or at least the Ballpark Mysteries are! The author, Mr. Kelly, is actually doing a reading from Ballpark Mysteries book 1 – The Fenway Foul-Up with Wally, the mascot from the Red Sox! It’s happening at the Boston Public … Continue reading »

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Random House Loves the Ballpark Mysteries

I guess Random House loves the Ballpark Mysteries! They hung a huge poster of the front cover of book two, The Pinstripe Ghost, in the front window of their New York City headquarters! Check out the picture: Looks like the Ballpark Mysteries are right in between a New York Times “instant best seller” and a … Continue reading »

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