Babe Ruth book

Mr. David A. Kelly just sent me and Kate a copy of the first book he wrote — Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse. He wrote it in 2009, but a new version of it just came out. It’s got neat new facts in the back about the Red Sox and Babe Ruth. See for yourself:

Cool stuff at the end of Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse
Cool stuff at the end of Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse

The new version of the book has a new cover. Instead of a painting of Babe Ruth, it has a cool picture of Babe Ruth just after he hit a baseball. I’ll bet it’s a home run!

Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse-2014

(I keep trying to pretend I’m Babe Ruth but somehow the balls don’t go that far when I hit them.)

Kate and I really like this book. After we got back from our first adventure to Boston’s Fenway Park, I took it out of the library to read up on Babe Ruth. Kate read it when I was done. Then she came up with the great idea of asking Mr. Kelly to write about how we helped Boston’s Big D find his missing bat. Since then, we’ve let Mr. Kelly write about our all adventures at baseball stadiums. That way, we get to have fun, and he has to do all the work!

Fenway Foul-Up Missing Chapter

Ballpark Mysteries or Red Sox fans will want to check out the latest addition to the Ballpark Mysteries website. It’s a missing chapter from the first Ballpark Mysteries book, The Fenway Foul-Up.

The Ted Williams red seat at Fenway Park in Boston. (photo credit:
The Ted Williams red seat at Fenway Park in Boston. (photo credit:

In the book, Kate and I had a great time visiting Boston and helping Big D find his missing bat. But even if you read the book, you didn’t catch all the action. Check out the missing chapter from The Fenway Foul-Up to see what happened after the book ended.

Guess who’s a fan of Ballpark Mysteries? David Ortiz!

Wow! Kate and I went to see the Red Sox play in Ballpark Mysteries book 1, The Fenway Foul-Up. We had a blast. But we had an even bigger blast last week when Mr. Kelly showed us this picture.

A baseball signed by Red Sox slugger and Ballpark Mysteries fan David Ortiz!

It turns out that Mr. Kelly knows someone who knows David Ortiz, so he sent along copies of the Ballpark Mysteries and his other book, Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse (in which Mr. Ortiz plays a really big part!). Turns out that David’s son enjoyed the books, so he send back a signed baseball! How — Cool — Is — That??

(P.S. – The B.P. after his name stands for his nickname “Big Papi!”)

Ballpark Mysteries and Wally, from the Red Sox!

Well, Kate and I haven’t made it to the Red Sox yet, but we’re getting closer. Or at least the Ballpark Mysteries are! The author, Mr. Kelly, is actually doing a reading from Ballpark Mysteries book 1 – The Fenway Foul-Up with Wally, the mascot from the Red Sox!

Wally, The Green Monster (photo: Boston Red Sox)

It’s happening at the Boston Public Library’s Dorchester branch. It’s so big that that Mayor of Boston is even speaking! (Okay, I think he’s there to talk about the library’s Read Your Way to Fenway program, but maybe he’s a fan of the Ballpark Mysteries too!)

Kate and I are still in school, otherwise we’d go. I mean, Wally’s even in the book! I’d love to get his autograph. But I don’t know if he can hold a pen with those big green hands he has.