Educators & Librarians

Looking for ways to use the Ballpark Mysteries in your classroom or library?

Check out this amazing literacy unit for the Fenway Foul-Up. The literacy unit is filled with really cool activities like filling in baseball cards about Mike and Kate or figuring out a crossword puzzle. Take a look at this sample Fenway Foul-Up Literacy Unit, or download the whole thing from the TeachersPayTeachers website.

You should also check out these great teacher guides for Ballpark Mysteries books #1 and #4:

The Teacher’s Guides feature the following:
– About the Author
– Contact the Author
– Children’s Books by David A. Kelly
– Comprehension Questions
– Sequencing Chapters
– Vocabulary Chapters
– True or False Questions Chapters
– Multiple Choice Questions Chapters
– Text-to-shelf connections
– Answers for Chapters
– Suggested Book Projects