Free Skype Visits

If your class has read one of the Ballpark Mysteries, MVP, or his non-fiction books (Miracle Mud or Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse), you can apply to book a FREE 20-minute Skype (or Google Hangouts) virtual author visit with David A. Kelly!

Sign up for a free virtual visit – David A. Kelly offers free (based on availability) virtual author visits for elementary schools and classes that have read one of his books. If you’re interested in being considered for a virtual author visit with David A. Kelly, please select a date and time from the calendar below. Once you select a date/time, you’ll need to create an account and answer some questions to complete the virtual author visit request.

Sign up for a free in-person visit – David A. Kelly *very* occasionally does free in-person author visits when his schedule allows. Add your name to his free author visit list for a chance at a free author visit. Please note, that such visits only happen occasionally, so it’s best to purchase a visit if you really want one.

Stay updated – Sign up for email updates to be notified when new free Skype/Google Hangout dates are added to the calendar! You’ll get an email every time new spaces are available! Or, simply check  back once in a while!

Use this calendar to sign up for a free Skype or Google Hangouts visit. Check back for new dates or sign up for my virtual visit email updates notifications.

Please have the latest version of Skype installed on your computer!