Peter Adam Salomon Interviews David A. Kelly

Wow, now with Ballpark Mysteries book 3 (The L.A. Dodger) out, we’re getting some real press! Here’s a neat interview of Mr. Kelly that Peter Adam Salomon did. Kate and I read it and learned something new about Mr. Kelly. See if you can find out why he was so excited to write the Ballpark Mysteries book #4, The Astro Outlaw.

New Book – The L. A. Dodger

Our third Ballpark Mystery is officially on sale today! Yea!

Ballpark Mysteries #3 - The L. A. Dodger

This is such a great book, because me and Kate got  to go California to visit her father. He’s a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. We had a great time. I even beat Kate in bumper cars (you’ll have to take my word for it, she’ll probably make up some story about how she had me boxed into corner, but don’t believe her) at the Santa Monica Pier. We also went to the La Brea Tar Pits. That helped us figure out how to set a sticky trap for the L.A. Dodger. But read the book–you’ll never believe how we finally caught him!