Rangers Ballpark

Hey guys, I’m still in Houston. I just saw a game in the Rangers Ballpark. It was amazing! Right next to the park is an office building. Imagine working there! You could watch a baseball game when ever you wanted by just looking out the window. The park even has Little League field and a lake next to it! And the best part is you can buy a ticket for only six dollars!

Did you know that it’s a rule in Major League Baseball that a player can’t be paid less the 400,000 dollars? That’s more than the president of the United States makes in a whole year! Well I have to go eat lunch. See you later, and keep swinging!

3 thoughts on “Rangers Ballpark

  1. Kendal Crawford says:

    I LOVE your books!!! They are amazing!!! Keep writing more books!!!
    Keep up the great work!!

    Kendal (:

  2. Jami Moss says:

    My son LOVES your books the Ballpark Mysteries series! I found this post from 2011 on the Texas Rangers. I hope there is a Ballpark Mystery for that park in the pipeline. He’s begging me to buy it:)

    • Mike Walsh says:

      Thanks for writing! I’m glad to hear your son loves the books. And yes, there actually is a Texas Rangers Ballpark Mystery in the works! It’ll be out this February! It’s a fun, Texas-themed mystery. Let me know how he likes it!

      David A. Kelly

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