Most Valuable Players (MVP) Series

The Most Valuable Players (MVP) (Random House) are a series of books about a group of kids at an elementary school that have adventures and mysteries playing different sports.

When Nico, Kat, Max, Luke, and Alice try a different sport (like football, basketball, or soccer), something exciting always happens.  Check them out…


Why You Should Read the Most Valuable Players (MVP) serie
“Lively dialogue, athletic action, and smart thinking among the kids should keep interest levels high, and Brundage’s black-and-white cartoons mix playfulness and suspense as they depict various acts of sabotage, such as an oil-soaked relay race course.” —Publishers Weekly

“Along with plenty of sports action and sterling detective work to appreciate, Kelly offers readers a chance to ponder the contrast between the priorities of the culprit, a multimedalist from the previous year jealously unwilling to be upstaged, and Nico, who abruptly quits a race he’s about to win when he spots the saboteur at work. A quick set of facts and photos from the official Olympic Games cap this series opener.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The combination of athletics and mysteries is always a winner, and the friends are a diverse group in terms of race andtalent, who swiftly recognize their potential when working as a team…. Illustrations break up the text, and the book ends with several pages of “MVP Stats”about the Olympics. An energetic series opener.” – Booklist Online