Author Background

Although I never had a chance to meet Babe Ruth, I did meet another home run king. One of my earliest baseball memories is walking up to Hank Aaron at a restaurant and asking him for an autograph.

“Can’t you see I’m eating my breakfast, kid?” the Aaron said. “Come back later.”

I did. Aaron, well fed and happy, gave me the autograph.

Since then, I’ve written for many newspapers and magazines, but Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse is my first book for children.

I live 15 minutes from Fenway Park in Newton, Massachusetts with my wife Alice, my two sons, Steven and Scott, and a dog named Samantha.

David Kelly's New Hartford Minor League Baseball Team

Yup, that’s me–second from the left in the middle row. Long hair and no glasses!

This would have been around the time I asked Hank Aaron for his autograph.