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Mystery Writing Tips by David A. Kelly

Missing Chapters
Not everything I write turns up in the Ballpark Mysteries books. Sometimes ideas or scenes don’t end up fitting into the books, or get taken out in the editing process. That’s why I thought I’d post some “deleted scenes” from the Ballpark Mysteries here.

Missing plays from the Fenway Foul-Up
In the first Ballpark Mysteries book, readers get to see how Kate and Mike went to Boston’s Fenway Park and met Big D. But you didn’t see what happened after the book finished. Here’s the missing chapter from The Fenway Foul-Up.

Big D’s email to Mike and Kate
A few weeks after Kate and Mike visited Boston’s Fenway Park for The Fenway Foul-Up book, they got an email from Big D, the Red Sox star slugger! You’ll never believe what happened to him unless you read Big D’s email yourself.

Ike’s Video Book Talk
A quick video book review by Ike from Maine!

Matthew Harris’ Big Apple Era
7-year-old Matthew Harris sent me his awesome story, The Big Apple Era, based on the Ballpark Mysteries. Matthew sets the story at a Mets game on Mike’s birthday. I like it!!! Thanks Matthew!! You can download and read it here.

Luke’s Ballpark Mysteries Videos
Here’s a great video send in by the father of Luke, a young Ballpark Mysteries reader. Stick around until the end (don’t worry, it’s a brief video) to see his request for a Mets Ballpark Mysteries book–it’s very, very cute!

Luke also followed up with another fan video. In this one, taken back in the spring, he’s waiting for Ballpark Mysteries #9 – The Philly Fake – to come out. But watch out, because he also reveals a spoiler for book #8 – The Missing Marlin!

 Baseball Card for the Fenway Foul-Up
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Baseball Card for The Pinstripe Ghost
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