The Hit

Yesterday I was in English class and we were writing stories. My teacher told me to write about my favorite memory, and I knew just what to write about!

It was a sunny day at the local ballpark near my house. My friends and I were playing a game of baseball. I came up to bat an hit a ball that sailed over the fence! I thought my story was perfect, but my teacher disagreed. She said it was boring!

So I made a list of creative ways to say hit. I came up with doink, cream, pummel, drill, spank, dribble, pound, tear, spray, sizzle, and cork. I erased hit and wrote spank because it sounded really cool! I handed it in, but my teacher still said it was boring! (She was mad because I kept bouncing my tennis ball off the wall!)  I think we all can agree that baseball is WAY better than English class!