Catch a Ballpark Mysteries Triple Play

The Triple Play Twins, the newest book in the Ballpark Mysteries series is now on sale!

Ballpark Mysteries #17 – The Triple Play Twins

Mike and Kate travel to Minneapolis to meet the Minnesota Twins’ star players: Marco and Pedro, a dynamic twin duo known for their signature triple plays. But after a water balloon attack on the players and a suspect on the run, questions start to pile up. Is someone trying to mess with Marco and Pedro’s chances of making the playoffs? As Mike and Kate investigate, they meet Polly and Molly, twin Minnesota locals who lend a helping hand–or two. With new friends by their side, can Mike and Kate solve this mystery?

Teachers, librarians, and parents can dive in deeper by downloading my free learning guide to The Triple Play Twins, with lots of fun and educational activities based on the book.

Free Learning Guide for The World Series Curse

Keep kids engaged with learning through baseball and mysteries, with a fun, educational (and free!) learning guide to The World Series Curse! It includes Common Core standards-based activities and some fun World Series facts. Great for use at home or in schools!

Ballpark Mysteries Live

Ever want to know a little bit more about the Ballpark Mysteries books? Now’s your chance! Each Wednesday at 2pm Eastern, David A. Kelly is hosting a Facebook Live session on the Ballpark Mysteries and his other books. Tune in to hear him read a chapter from one of the books, or see “behind-the-scenes” pictures from his research trips to each of the stadiums.

And if you’ve missed them, make sure to visit his Ballpark Mysteries page on Facebook to catch up on the previous sessions, including:

The Ballpark Mysteries Ballpark Tour

Let’s Get Muddy – Miracle Mud – Lena Blackburne and the Secret Mud that Changed Baseball

Leading Off With the First Ballpark Mysteries Book – The Fenway Foul-Up

Catching The Colorado Curveball

Batter Up! Take a Swing at The Colorado Curveball!

The newest Ballpark Mysteries book (now available!) takes place in Denver Colorado for the Colorado Rockies’ Opening Day. BUT IT’S SNOWING! What will Mike and Kate do?

The Colorado Curveball

Luckily, the stadium has a heater that can melt the fluffy flakes in time for that day’s game. But when the ballpark engineers get a mysterious note saying that someone may tamper with the scoreboard, the snow becomes the least of the cousins’ problems. It’s time for Mike and Kate to switch into sleuth mode and solve a mystery that will take them underground, a mile above sea level, and even face to face with a dinosaur!

A Williamsport Win

Join Mike and Kate in Williamsport PA for the biggest Little League Baseball World Series yet! In THE WORLD SERIES KIDS, Mike and Kate are cheering on their hometown team, from Cooperstown NY, which is competing in the Little League World Series. But the competition gets tricky when someone starts trying to sabotage Cooperstown’s team–they punch holes in the tires of their bus, and the team’s equipment goes missing! Can Mike and Kate find the trickster before it’s too late? Or will these shenanigans cost Cooperstown the series?

The World Series Kids

A Big Babe Ruth Mystery in Baltimore!

Swing for the fences–or, should I say the B&O Warehouse! Mike and Kate are in Baltimore at Camden Yards for a Baltimore Orioles game, but someone has made off with Babe Ruth’s baseball glove! Can Mike and Kate find it? Will they get some help from a friendly oriole–or is that a parrot? Read THE BALTIMORE BANDIT, Ballpark Mysteries #15, to find out

The Baltimore Bandit

A Big Apple Mets vs. Yankees Mystery!

Kate and Mike are back in the Big Apple (aka New York City) for a Subway Series between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees. But soon, someone hands them a mysterious note with a riddle and then strange things start happening at the Mets ballpark.

Ballpark Mysteries Super Special #3 – Mets vs. Yankees!

Can Mike and Kate discover who the mysterious note writer is? Can they uncover what’s behind the disruptions at the Mets game? Read the latest Ballpark Mysteries Super Special, the SUBWAY SERIES SURPRISE, to find out! And don’t forget to read up on Mike and Kate’s first adventure in New York City, the PINSTRIPE GHOST!

Summer Reading Tips

Great article on summer reading tips from the Washington Post, including a nice mention of the Ballpark Mysteries. One librarian got her son hooked on the Ballpark Mysteries books, and he used them as a jumping off point to explore the wider world around him. From the article:

Knowing her son is obsessed with baseball, Icaza helped him discover the Ballpark Mystery Series. “It clicked for him and he read the whole series,” she says. In fact, one summer, they went on vacation and he got a minor league baseball directory at a ballpark. He read about each team in the country. “It sounds very boring, but for him, he was learning about the mascots, and I liked it because he was learning about what cities were in different states.”

The Capital Catch

The latest Ballpark Mysteries book is now out!

The Capital Catch

In The Capital Catch, Mike and Kate travel to Washington D.C. to watch as Washington Nationals game. But before they make it to the game, Mike gets to meet the President of the United States! And the President has a problem–someone’s stealing things from his brother, a star player on the Washington Nationals’ team! Can Mike and Kate help the commander-in-chief catch a criminal?