Ballpark Mysteries Books

Usually Kate and I are busy with school and baseball (okay, well, Kate is usually reading, too). That’s why we take all the cool trips, and let Mr. Kelly actually write the books. But he sent along some cool links that I wanted to post. The first is an in-depth Q&A about the Ballpark Mysteries (in honor of opening day!). Except, don’t pay attention to the question about what inspired him to write the books. Since he’s a professional writer, he has to pretend the books were his idea. But they were really Kate’s idea. It was my idea to hire a writer like Mr. Kelly to actually spend the time writing the books. I also thought readers might be interested in a recent review of The Astro Outlaw. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you should! It’s a great story, with an astronaut and even a moon rock!