The Chicago Cubs Mystery!

The Chicago Cubs are one of the oldest teams in baseball. They also have one of the old stadiums–Wrigley Field. It’s really famous for the green ivy that covers the outfield wall. That’s why Kate and I were really surprised to discover that someone had been cutting holes in their ivy and possibly running their winning streak! It’s all in our latest Ballpark Mystery, which just went on sale today. It’s called The Wrigley Riddle.

BPM-6-Cover-The Wrigley Riddle-Medium
In it, Kate and I visit Chicago. We get to solve an ago-old riddle about treasure buried in Wrigley Field! And don’t tell anyone, but chewing gum ends up being a pretty important part of the story. I love gum! You’ll see why when you read the book.

Ballpark Mysteries Books

Usually Kate and I are busy with school and baseball (okay, well, Kate is usually reading, too). That’s why we take all the cool trips, and let Mr. Kelly actually write the books. But he sent along some cool links that I wanted to post. The first is an in-depth Q&A about the Ballpark Mysteries (in honor of opening day!). Except, don’t pay attention to the question about what inspired him to write the books. Since he’s a professional writer, he has to pretend the books were his idea. But they were really Kate’s idea. It was my idea to hire a writer like Mr. Kelly to actually spend the time writing the books. I also thought readers might be interested in a recent review of The Astro Outlaw. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you should! It’s a great story, with an astronaut and even a moon rock!

The Astro Outlaw

Wow. It’s hard to believe that Kate and I have been on four cool ballpark adventures so far. Last year we shared our trips to Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles with you. But we’ve got something really, really neat. Our fourth book is out today!

The Astro Outlaw
The Astro Outlaw – Ballpark Mystery #4

It’s called THE ASTRO OUTLAW! Last year, when Kate and I went to Houston, Texas, we got to see NASA’s mission control and meet a real astronaut! Which was great, until he disappeared! That’s when Kate and I set out to find him. It was kinda weird, but the final clue to solving the astronaut mystery came from the Houston Astro’s baseball game!

Interview with David A. Kelly

Mr. Kelly, the author the Ballpark Mysteries, asked if I could post this link to an interview he did with CONVERSATIONS Magazine. I didn’t read it myself because Kate and I are pretty busy this week looking at all the baseball stores in Coopertown, New York (our hometown). The Hall of Fame induction stuff was last weekend, and now there are all types of good bargains on cool sports things because some of the tourists have left. But Mr. Kelly said that anyone who likes the Ballpark Mysteries might like the interview, so I thought it would be good to blog about.

The Ballpark Mysteries Books Arrive!

Looks like Spring Training has started! Kate and I are excited because Random House is now selling the first two books about our adventures at the ballparks–THE BALLPARK MYSTERIES! I think they look great!

The Ballpark Mysteries from Random House

You would never believe how LONG it takes to get a book published. We went to Boston’s Fenway Park ages ago, but it took forever to finish the books. (I know that the author, Mr. Kelly, is a slow writer like me, but I guess super-duper publishers like Random House take their time in the on-deck circle, if you know what I mean. They like things to be perfect. I’d rather just step up to home plate and swing!)

Anyway, the books are finally here. Now I won’t have to do any work when my teacher asks us to write an essay about my “perfect day”–I can just hand her one of the books!