St. Louis, Here we come!

Mike and Kate are off to St. Louis for their latest ballpark adventure.  In Ballpark Mysteries book #14, THE CARDINALS CAPER, Mike and Kate journey to St. Louis for a Cardinals baseball game. Before the game, they get to meet the Clydesdale horses and Dalmatian dog. But just as the game starts, the dog goes missing! Can Mike and Kate find the missing dog before the end of the game? Or will the Cardinals have to give up one of their World Series trophies to get the dog back?

It’s Christmas in Cooperstown!

If you’ve read the Ballpark Mysteries books carefully, you might know that Mike and Kate live in Cooperstown, New York, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And while most of Mike and Kate’s mysteries take place in ballparks during the spring, summer, or fall, the latest Ballpark Mysteries book takes place in Cooperstown in the winter!

In Christmas in Cooperstown, Ballpark Mysteries Super Special #2, Mike and Kate get to sleep over in the Hall of Fame! But before they leave, they discover something strange: the Hall of Fame’s Honus Wagner baseball card (worth millions of dollars!) is a fake! Can they discover who stole the multi-million dollar Honus Wagner card and get it back to the Hall of Fame before Christmas? Find out in this fun holiday Ballpark Mysteries Super Special!

Celebrate International Mud Day with MIRACLE MUD

You probably didn’t know that June 29th was International Mud Day, but it is! And that makes it a perfect time to celebrate by reading my book about Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud, MIRACLE MUD. Check out this great review of MIRACLE MUD, with a special mud recipe!

Miracle Mud: Lena Blackburne and the Secret Mud that Changed Baseball

It’s a Double Double-Header!

If you haven’t started reading my baseball mystery series yet, now’s the time! Random House Children’s Books just issued the first four Ballpark Mysteries books (Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros) in a box set. Think of it as a “double double-header”!

Ballpark Mysteries Box Set
Ballpark Mysteries Box Set

It’s a Ballpark Mysteries World Series!

Both teams in this year’s World Series are teams that the Ballpark Mysteries have visited. In Ballpark Mysteries book #5, The All-Star Joker, Kate and Mike visit Kansas City to see the All-Star game and meet some Royals players. In Ballpark Mysteries book #7, The San Francisco Splash, they head to San Francisco for a game.

Both teams in the 2014 World Series are Ballpark Mysteries teams!
Both teams in the 2014 World Series are Ballpark Mysteries teams!

I’m not saying that the Ballpark Mysteries are the reason that the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series, but hey, it can’t hurt!

The San Francisco Giants Mystery!

When Kate and I travel to different ballpark, we know that we’ll see a baseball game. But when we went to San Francisco last year, we never thought we’d go kayaking in San Francisco bay! Turns out the bay is right next to the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark! It’s really cool, since home runs get hit over the stadium wall and fly into the bay! They’re called Splash Hits!If you’re out there in a kayak or boat, you can actually catch one!

BPM-7-Cover-The SF Splash-Large

So Kate and I were kayaking in the bay when our San Francisco Splash mystery started. We heard a splash nearby, and before we knew it, we were investigating a missing World Series ring and chasing the thief all over San Francisco!