Fan video – Luke begging for a Mets book!

Great video send in by the father of Luke, a young Ballpark Mysteries reader. Stick around until the end (don’t worry, it’s a brief video) to see his request for a Mets Ballpark Mysteries book–it’s very, very cute!

Luke also followed up with another fan video. In this one, taken back in the spring, he’s waiting for Ballpark Mysteries #9 – The Philly Fake – to come out. But watch out, because he also reveals a spoiler for book #8 – The Missing Marlin!


Fan mail – Mystery Ideas

One of the great things about being a writer is hearing from readers and fans. It never fails to make my day when I receive an email or letter from kids or parents who have read one of my books (usually it’s a Ballpark Mysteries book or Miracle Mud, but sometimes I hear from fans of my non-fiction chapter book, Babe Ruth and Baseball Curse).

Here’s one of the latest letters that I received, from an eight-year-old boy here in Newton. Hopefully he found the Ballpark Mysteries at our great local bookstore, Newtonville Books.

Ballpark Mysteries fan mail from Joey
Ballpark Mysteries fan mail from Joey

If it’s too hard to read, Joey is suggesting that I create a new mystery called “The Freezing Tiger” where someone (his emphasis) is freezing the players in the clubhouse and then they unfreeze in the night and don’t swing the bat very well in the next game. (Perhaps Joey has been watching some Red Sox games?).