Baseball arguments

Sometimes it’s not the hitting or fielding that matters in baseball–it’s the arguments. Here’s an hour and a half (yes, like long enough to be a movie) of baseball bickering, arguments, and ejections. You’ve got all winter, so grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the arguments.


Fan video – Luke begging for a Mets book!

Great video send in by the father of Luke, a young Ballpark Mysteries reader. Stick around until the end (don’t worry, it’s a brief video) to see his request for a Mets Ballpark Mysteries book–it’s very, very cute!

Luke also followed up with another fan video. In this one, taken back in the spring, he’s waiting for Ballpark Mysteries #9 – The Philly Fake – to come out. But watch out, because he also reveals a spoiler for book #8 – The Missing Marlin!