Stolen Turtles?

Why would anyone want to steal turtles? Kate and I never thought about stolen turtles until we took a trip to the Miami Marlin’s neat baseball stadium with huge fish tanks. You can read about it in our book The Missing Marlin.

Book #8 in the Ballpark Mysteries series is set in Miami, Florida.
Book #8 in the Ballpark Mysteries series is set in Miami, Florida.

But we couldn’t believe it when we read a news story recently about a guy who tried to cross the boarder into Canada with more than 50 stolen turtles strapped to his body! Hopefully, they weren’t SNAPPING turtles!

The Miami Marlins – All New for 2012!

When I was eating my breakfast cereal this morning, the TV caught my eye. My mom was watching a sports show and they were talking about news all around the MLB. I guess they were thinking about warm weather, because they spent a lot of time on the  the Florida Marlins. Or should I say, the Miami Marlins?

After a pretty bad 2011 season, the Marlins decided to change their name. And they didn’t stop there! They also are making completely different uniforms, a new ballpark, and they got new great players! The Marlins traded for closer Heath Bell and Jose Reyes! The Marlins are going to be a great team, and hopefully, I’ll get to visit the new ballpark soon. I’ll have to text Kate and ask her if her mother’s planning on going to Florida this year. Maybe we could tag along.

(logo: Miami Marlins)