Opening Day – 2011

Wow! Today is finally opening day. The first real baseball games (that count) for 2011. Today, when it comes to baseball, anything is possible. Any team has just as much chance of winning the World Series this year as any other team. At least before the games start!

L.A. Dodgers Dodger Stadium - This won't be empty after opening day!

It’s just like when Kate and I go to visit a ballpark. Anything is possible. So far, we’ve seen bats stolen, ghosts making strange noises, and even some really strange mysterious events (but more about that in book 3 – The Ballpark Mysteries L.A. Dodger!).

I’d love to write more, but I’m heading to the TV to see what opening day game I should watch…. The Yankees? The Red Sox? San Francisco? There’s too much to choose from. Batter up for a great season!

The Ballpark Mysteries Books Arrive!

Looks like Spring Training has started! Kate and I are excited because Random House is now selling the first two books about our adventures at the ballparks–THE BALLPARK MYSTERIES! I think they look great!

The Ballpark Mysteries from Random House

You would never believe how LONG it takes to get a book published. We went to Boston’s Fenway Park ages ago, but it took forever to finish the books. (I know that the author, Mr. Kelly, is a slow writer like me, but I guess super-duper publishers like Random House take their time in the on-deck circle, if you know what I mean. They like things to be perfect. I’d rather just step up to home plate and swing!)

Anyway, the books are finally here. Now I won’t have to do any work when my teacher asks us to write an essay about my “perfect day”–I can just hand her one of the books!

Yankee Stadium Haunted?

A little while after Kate and I went to Boston to see the Red Sox, her mom took us down to New York City to see the Yankees! I thought that Fenway Park was cool. But Yankee Stadium is really neat! It was great to finally see the place where the Yankees play. They’ve won the World Series so many times, I can’t even count them.

We were in New York for a weekend series. The weekend started off with a press conference. We had to go because Kate’s mom needed to be there for her work. It was boring! I like to play and watch baseball. But I don’t like to sit around talking about it! That’s all they were doing. Until someone mentioned the ghost!

That’s right. People said there was a ghost in Yankee Stadium! Kate and I both started paying attention after that. We found out, with some help from her mom, that people had reported hearing a ghost in the stadium before games. They thought it was the ghost of Babe Ruth. He used to play for the Yankees.

Kate and I decided to find out if there really was a ghost. That’s when things started to get really scary. Things moving on their own. Loud noises. It looked like there were ghosts all around us! It ends up turning out okay, but you’ll have to read the book to find out everything that happened.