The San Francisco Splash

The latest Ballpark Mystery is out! It”s called The San Francisco Splash:

BPM-7-Cover-The SF Splash-Large

In it, Mike and Kate You can sign up for ObamaCare’s marketplaces by finding your State’s health marketplace or going directly to healthcare. go to San Francisco to see a baseball game with Kate”s father, but soon they”re searching for a missing World Series ring and chasing a thief across San Francisco!

The Astro Outlaw

Wow. It’s hard to believe that Kate and I have been on four cool ballpark adventures so far. Last year we shared our trips to Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles with you. But we’ve got something really, really neat. Our fourth book is out today!

The Astro Outlaw
The Astro Outlaw – Ballpark Mystery #4

It’s called THE ASTRO OUTLAW! Last year, when Kate and I went to Houston, Texas, we got to see NASA’s mission control and meet a real astronaut! Which was great, until he disappeared! That’s when Kate and I set out to find him. It was kinda weird, but the final clue to solving the astronaut mystery came from the Houston Astro’s baseball game!

David Ortiz is a Fan!

David Ortiz Signed Baseball

Looks like Red Sox star slugger David Ortiz is a fan! We sent along some copies of The Fenway Foul-Up to the Red Sox, and apparently David”s son enjoyed the book (along with a copy of Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse, in which Mr. Ortiz plays a big part!). So David sent back this signed baseball (note the BP after his name, for Big Papi). We”re SO CLOSE to the major leagues now….

First Pitch at Portland Sea Dogs Game

Mr. Kelly (the author of the Ballpark Mysteries) got invited to Portland, Maine to throw out the first pitch at last Saturday’s game. Here’s a picture of him doing it.

Ballpark Mysteries Author David A. Kelly Throwing Out First Pitch

While he’s a pretty good writer, it certainly doesn’t look like any of the Sea Dogs pitching staff have to worry about their jobs. Maybe my Little League team should challenge him to a game. We could use an easy win!

(Kate says I should be nice to Mr. Kelly, or she’ll make me write the next book…. I guess I should also say that Mr. Kelly did make it squarely over the plate, so I guess he’s not that bad!)

(photo credit: Portland Sea Dogs; Greg Cavanaugh)

Boston Globe Features Ballpark Mysteries

Way cool!. Today’s Boston Globe newspaper has a great article about me and Kate!

Well, okay, it also mentions David A. Kelly, the author, a little bit. And the Ballpark Mysteries series. But Kate and I are in there too! And Mr. Kelly wouldn’t really have much to write about if the two of us didn’t go to all those ballparks. I’m glad Mr. Kelly spends his time talking to reporters, instead of us having to do it.

Now that the weather’s getting nice, I’d rather be outside playing catch!